Uluru 2021

~iris ray nunn
May 31, 2021

'Uluru 2021.

Out here I remember. I am free.

Drawing close to these altars on Earth who soar to the skies, I am guided to reflect on Water, Wind and Sun and how these elements bind all of life to one another.

In the rugged beauty of this ancient glacial terrain of Uluru & Kata Tjuta I am tiny and massive all at once.

Nayoorrloo Buggleba. I am happy.

Gurumah Tjukurpa. Respect to the Ancient Law, still here, still strong, still first in time. Tjukurpa reaches far up into the stars and way down deep below the surface of the land.

Uluru Kata Tjuta Artilla Palya.

Anangu Wati (men), Minyma (women)of the Central Desert, I am deeply grateful to be able to walk, rest, dance and pray close to your Sacred Sites. To heal what was broken inside of me.

And to my Ancestors who embraced me tightly here at this hallowed joining place Karingana at Kata Tjuta, the Valley of the Winds, (a gift which the Anangu People have shared with all of us to come here and walk up to this high point to meet our own Old People in the Spirit World), I am grateful to you all. What a happy reunion it was!

My ancestors are working-class, loyal, loving, English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, Balkan, brave and banished, wild and tamed, healers, hunters, foragers, peasants, pioneers, warriors and soldiers. I am proud of them all.

Great Grandmothers and Grandfathers who lived and died in a way so that I could live now to offer my life in service of Mother Earth and play my part in shaping a new humanity, where beauty and love and life-caring (Kanyini) is of the highest regard.'

Owa Palya.