~iris ray nunn
August 07, 2020

The true and tragic murderous history of First Nation people of Australia has not been faced square on by all who live here.

An Australian judge once said in 1987, ‘There is no greater an injustice than the theft of Aboriginal Lands.’

I believe that two conscious choices can be made by every Australian to support the ongoing process of reconciliation.

One: the powerful beauty of First Nations culture the Law, the Dance, the Story, the Art, the Song, is acknowledged, seen and embraced proudly by all Australians.

Secondly: the true stories of deliberate oppression, persecution and dispossession which was once deliberately untold to the descendants of the first settlers - continue to now be told.

The facts of the widespread massacres, the failed promises of Treaty, the battles rights to land, the abuse, degradation and neglect of indidgy people AND the revelation of the political forces, which suppressed true history of Australia.

‘In the early years of colonisation indigenous Australians occupied an important place in the lives and writings of Australian settlers, but as indigenous dispossession became complete there descended that which the anthropologist W.E.H. Stanner dubbed 'the great Australian silence', an inattention, he argued, resulting not from an accidental oversight but from viewing Australian history and society through a window carefully placed to exclude a whole section of the landscape.’

The disregard for the worth of indidgy lives is a terrible ‘care less’ thought pattern which has carried through the generations. That pattern must break. Starts with you and with me. With everyone standing side by side, hand-in-hand.

I believe the deep and lasting healing starts with using our voice, speaking up clearly, reaching out to each other and combining the growing number of voices speaking up clearly, and showing up for peaceful actions until political reform and social reform has taken place.

Then everyone who is aware makes a conscious commitment to a life long openness to learning and listening about the magnificent First Nations Culture.

Thankfully the Australian education system is radically different now then it was in the 70s, 80s, 90s. Back then we were taught naught of the true history of brutal oppression and dispossession of the people who lived here for tens of thousands of years.

Courage and commitment to grow in our emotional maturity as a nation, lead by platforming the wisdom of the Elders, the healers, humanitarians (grand mothers and the grand fathers) all of whom exist in the knowing that every single life matters.

Bit by bit we each can play our part in vocalising our care and concern, for the civil rights and rights to land of First Nations Australians. You. Me. We.