~iris ray nunn
August 15, 2021

Your soul chose to be here in a body living out a life on Earth to learn lessons of love and union.

There are no mistakes.

There are many obstacles to overcome and it may appear that the obstacles are thwarting your destiny but they are in fact supporting your destiny!

Learn the skilful art of alchemy, to turn all obstacles into stepping stones. All negativity can be drawn on as compost for your growth.

Start by relaxing the body and revive your connection to your inner peace by listening deeply to our beautiful Earth. Allow your difficult feelings; your pain, frustration, anger and fear, to be felt without judgement... Simply feel.

Follow your senses into the present moment by listening with all your concentration to the sounds all around you. Smell the air deeply, the fragrances of the land and touch, feel, taste and watch the water with all of your attention.

The Earth around you is pulsing with life. And you are connected to all that lives.

Feel the pulse of love that flows through all of life.

Rejoice! It is an exquisite time to be alive!

Learn what actions deplete you of connection, and do less and less and less of them.

Learn what actions nourish your connection to yourself and all of life around you, and do more and more and more of them!

Now is the time for more songs and prayers of love and freedom in honour of the sweetness of this precious life. Now is the time for more dancing!