No birth No Death

~iris ray nunn
June 30, 2021

Deep Listening to Nature is a practice in letting go of the mind’s attachment to form and connecting to the invisible world that is formless, yet has immense presence.

This practice gives one confidence to meet the many endings in life with peace and calm and to trust a new beginning to appear in right time.

This practice helps to prepare for our own death, our own passing from form into formlessness, with joy and wonderment, not fear and doubt.

Deep listening to Nature amplifies our five senses, our feeling centre, our caring nature, which encourages love and happiness to be expressed freely.

I feel guided by a great Love to support my fellow human family to retrieve these dormant listening (and interpretive) skills that lie within. Skills I have uncovered (and continue to uncover and sharpen) from a lifetime of longing to connect intimately with the natural world.

It is an absolute joy to support my students and guests to tap into these skills. All for the greater good. Strengthening us all to move through the challenges of modern life with a humble confidence in ourselves because we have remembered our own innate timeless, nature.