Listen with your whole body.
Remember you belong.

About Iris Ray Nunn

I have experienced a deep love of Nature my entire life. Growing up barefoot on the edge of the D’Aguilar National Park in Brisbane and camping and hiking in National Parks for more then 48 years has bonded me to some of the world’s most ancient forests.
Walking in the bush in a sacred and reverent way grew out of a need in me to hear more acutely the wisdom of Nature.
The first time I heard Nature speak to me I was awe struck and my life changed in a powerful, new direction.
The skill of listening to the language of Nature and teaching this to others was honed under the guidance of the late Yankunytjatjara elder from Uluru/Central Desert of Australia, Uncle Bob Randall. The inspiration to write ‘Climbing the World’s Tallest Tree’ also came from meeting Uncle Bob and other extraordinary indigenous Countrymen and Women from Australia, South & North America and experiencing profound insights while listening deeply to Nature. I have passionately guided individuals and groups in Nature since 2015.
I have a background in the healing arts having worked with clients for over 25 years and facilitating women’s sharing circles for 18 years.
I hope to deeply listen with you one day soon to the exceptional wisdom of Nature. It would be an honour.’
‘Gurumah’ Respect -
Iris Ray Nunn

Guided Nature Walks and Retreats

with iris

  1. DEEP LISTENING TO NATURE - BUNYA MOUNTAINS RETREAT. 4 days and 4 nights retreat. $840 individual. $740 twin share. Price includes bed, breakfast & a light dinner in a mountain chalet. Open the Brochure
  2. DEEP LISTENING TO NATURE - BINNA BURRA RETREAT. 2 day and 2 nights glamp-out. $380 per person. $620 couple. (Larger group booking discount available). Price includes bed and breakfast and a daily yoga class. Open the Brochure
  3. DEEP LISTENING TO NATURE - ULURU & KATA-TJUTA CAMP-OUT. 6 ‘Star-Lit-Nights’ & 7 ‘Desert-Days’ May 18th-24th annually. Open the Brochure