Listen with your whole body. Relax. Remember you belong.

About Iris Ray Nunn

"I have consistently adored and revered nature and discovered as I grew into adulthood, that in my unbridled sensory exploration, the bush, the bird, animal, plant and insect world responded to my love and respect. The first time I heard Mother Earth speak to me, I was not only awe struck by the feeling of being loved by the land and water, my life changed in a powerful, new direction. Deep Listening to Nature is a learned skill that comes with practice, and I would love to teach everyone with ears (and a heart) how to experience it! I have worked in the healing arts for 26 years as a practicing massage and aromatherapist, and have had 15 years, experience in facilitating women’s circles. I hold qualifications in Aromatherapy, Swedish Massage and Tour Guiding.”

Guided Nature Walks and Retreats

by iris

  1. DEEP LISTENING TO NATURE - BUNYA MOUNTAINS RETREAT. 4 days and 4 nights retreat. $790 per person, $1400 a couple. Price includes bed, breakfast & a light dinner in a mountain chalet.
  2. DEEP LISTENING TO NATURE - BINNA BURRA RETREAT. 2 day and 2 nights glamp-out. $380 per person. $620 couple. (Larger group booking discount available). Price includes bed and breakfast and a daily yoga class.
  3. DEEP LISTENING TO NATURE - ULURU & KATA-TJUTA CAMP-OUT. Seven ‘Star-Lit-Nights’ & Eight ‘Desert-Days’ May bi-annually.


by iris


“I may be able to assist you in clearing negative energy trapped in your home or business place. Negative energy can potentially be draining to the people living or working in the structure. Negative energy is mostly caused by people’s painful outbursts, arguments, or acts of violence. The presence of a lost spirit(s) needing redirecting can also be unnerving to people, plants and animals. Symptoms of a disturbance in your home or business place can be restlessness, inability to sleep, bursts of anger, or random thoughts that are not common to your personality. I have a knack for conducting these types of clearings with the assistance of Essential Oils and the natural forces in the surrounding area. I am passionate about sharing some of these skills with you during the clearing to assist you in clearing negative energy from spaces in the future.”


on-line $174

Address a current predicament in your life, which you need clarity and support with. It also includes an aromatherapy blend.

“I draw on 26 years of working with over 3000 people in the healing arts to help you help yourself meet your personal challenge with courage, love and forgiveness.” ~Iris

(Price includes a personalised AROMATHERAY BLEND)