A gift to all humans from the Fairies to address fear...

~iris ray nunn
June 07, 2021

(Photo of Elshah and Iris at a supersized hydrangea patch in the Bunya Mountains in Queensland, Australia. Wakka wakka people are the ancient custodians.)

'I was young when I became a single mother of a baby daughter. Some days were very hard. The responsibility to care for my child was overwhelming and I was plagued by fear and doubt. Added to the challenge was living in the country away from the support of my mother and father who lived in the city. I had followed my heart, seeking a quieter life living close to Nature to raise my child, but it meant I had very little physical support.

One day on our daily walks along the long, country lane in which I lived, my three year old child unexpectedly fell asleep in the pram. We had come to the end of the lane. The lane ran along a ridge-line and sloped down at the end towards the stunning Pacific Ocean.

At the end of the lane, in a large paddock, stood an exceptional tree. A Moreton Bay Fig with extra large buttresses. The tree always appeared to me to be peering out across the sea from the wonderful vantage point high on the ridge.

Seizing the opportunity to rest while my girl slept, I lay down near the beautiful tree on the soft, green grass and fell into a deep sleep...

In my sleep state I had a lucid dream.

I could see into another world beneath the mighty Fig tree, as if I was in the top of the sky of the other world that began just below the surface of our Earth under the Fig tree.

I peered down and saw a valley far, far below. Thousands of feet below me! A long, thin river was flowing on the floor of the valley. Sloping up from either side of the river were steep mountain ranges. Not sheer cliffs, but sloping very steeply to rocky ridges at the peaks. I could peer from above down onto the peaks.

Way out in the distance, to where the origins of the river faded out of sight below, a pretty little rainbow arched across the valley. The rainbow arched between the mountain ranges on either side of the valley. When I saw the rainbow it suddenly dawned on me that I was looking into the lands where Fairies dwelled.

The beautiful rainbow was slightly thinner and slightly more arched up to a higher point compared to the rainbows on the surface of Earth. I realised too that’s why the river was thinner and the slopes of the fairy mountains on either side of the river were slightly thinner and taller to our land formations on Earth.

Although I had never studied geometry, I could understand geometry at that moment. How the landscape reflects consciousness and consciousness affects the shape of the landscape. It was simply common sense that the geometric measurements of the land, rainbows, valleys and rivers in the fairy world are slightly varied than ours in the human world, as the consciousness fairies exist in is lighter than the consciousness of humans.

Suddenly I was slowly coming awake back on the grass near the Fig tree after my remarkable experience and felt myself surrounded by fairies. I could not see them, but I could feel them.

The fairies were phenomenally loving and respectful of me, and praised me for doing a good job caring for my baby. They healed my worrried mind with their love and acknowledgement of me. And then the fairies gave me one of the most precious gifts of my life. I have been guided to share at particular times, like this moment right now with you all.

The fairies gave me a powerful spell to carry with me from that moment on. To speak out loud if ever I feel afraid and overwhelmed again. I am now sharing this message with you.

The fairies told me that the following words are to be said with strength, determination and conviction with an open heart to love....

If ever fear creeps in. Say out loud.

“I refuse to be controlled by fear, I am in Love’s command!”

When I opened my eyes that special day, my precious child was awake in her pram smiling at me. I had never spoken of fairies to her as my attention in my practicing faith was on other areas. But, I had to share with her now my wonderful experience in a simplified way.

“You can see into the Fairy world from underneath the Fig Tree sweetheart!” I exclaimed joyfully to her.

My daughter smiled happily. 18 years later, we still naturally talk of the existence of fairies and the love they freely share.'